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Sparkify Project (Photo from Data Scientist Udacity Nanodegree Capstone)

Sparkify is an imaginary music streaming service, similar to Spotify or Pandora. With this project, I am going to analyze the users’ trends and predict if a user will churn or not from this digital service.

Problem Statement🎯

Churn Rates Prediction is a common and challenging problem for both digital and analogical companies. Understanding the reasons root of churn and taking measures before it occurs, is a good way to keep clients and a very important task for businesses. …

And Data as the main character of this story …

Tech Woman

Who run the Tech world… Girls?

As a woman working in a tech environment, I have always felt that fewer ladies than men were working as developers, administrators or IT managers including tech leaders positions.

Every year, Stackoverflow performs a worldwide survey, covering all kind of information such as most used programming languages and frameworks, favourite operating systems, platforms for sharing code and more details.

In my way to become a Data-Driven woman I decided it was the right moment to confirm if those feelings of mine were right or wrong…

Are you ready? Let’s go…


AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, VR, CAE, HPC, Management.

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